Mehmet Polat Saka

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The harmony search (HS) is a music-inspired evolutionary algorithm, mimicking the improvisation process of music players (Geem et al., 2001). The HS is simple in concept, few in parameters, and easy in implementation, with theoretical background of stochastic derivative (Geem, 2007a). The algorithm was originally developed for discrete optimization and(More)
This paper proposes a refined version of particle swarm optimization technique for the optimum design of steel structures. Swarm is composed of a number of particles and each particle in the swarm represents a candidate solution of the optimum design problem. Design constraints in accordance with ASD-AISC (Allowable Stress Design Code of American Institute(More)
This paper presents the application of the harmony search based algorithm to the optimum detailed design of special seismic moment reinforced concrete (RC) frames under earthquake loads based on American Standard specifications. The objective function is selected as the total cost of the frame which includes the cost of concrete, formwork and reinforcing(More)
This paper presents particle swarm optimization based optimum design algorithm for the grillage systems. The optimum design problem is formulated considering the provisions of LRFD-AISC (Load and Resistance Factor Design, American Institute of Steel Construction). The optimum design algorithm selects the appropriate W-sections for the beams of the grillage(More)
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