Mehmet Ozgun Demir

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Inhalant abuse is a common occurrence and is facilitated by the widespread availability of volatile solvents with legitimate commercial and household uses. Freeze sprays containing chlorinated hydrocarbons such as ethyl chloride are commonly abused by either sniffing directly from containers or huffing from paper or plastic bags that have been sprayed into.(More)
—The importance of the analysis and understanding of the network traffic has constantly been increasing due to insights that this provides towards determination of user behaviour and resource usage. The data analyses in order to determine the related parameters are performed by selection of a small subset of the complete flow data due to data privacy and(More)
Recent theories about migraine pathogenesis have emphatized the role of the trigeminal system in the pathogenesis of migraine attacks. The local vasodilatation of intracranial extracerebral blood vessels and the consequent stimulation of surrounding trigeminal sensory nerve pain pathways are proposed to be the key mechanisms underlying the generation of(More)
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