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BACKGROUND It has been reported that subgroups of T-lymphocytes are affected at different levels and different cell groups of immune system give different responses in individuals exposed to long-term ionizing radiation. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of occupational exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation in selected indices of(More)
BACKGROUND Ophthalmomyiasis externa results from infestation of the conjunctiva by the larval or maggot form of Oestrus ovis. It is common in sheep-farming areas, especially in Mediterranean countries. CASE REPORT A 40-year-old man was admitted to the ophthalmology outpatient clinic at State Hospital. He complained of a foreign-body sensation. He was(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the seroprevalence of toxocariasis in patients diagnosed as schizophrenia. PATIENTS AND METHODS Ninety-eight schizophrenic patients hospitalized at The Elazig Psychiatric Hospital were included in the study. Anti-Toxocara IgG and/or IgM antibodies were determined by using commercial Toxocara canis IgG and/or IgM ELISA kit. RESULTS(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this retrospective study was to report the clinical features and MR imaging findings of patients with brucellar spondylodiscitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-two patients with spondylodiscitis, recruited among 152 patients with brucellosis referred from the Department of Infectious Diseases. Patients were diagnosed based on positive(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Lipid peroxidation is the most important mechanism in the pathogenesis of acute liver damage with carbon tetrachloride (CCl4). L-carnitine may prevent lipid peroxidation and thus may protect against liver damage. In the present study we investigated the protective effect of L-carnitine in experimental acute liver damage induced by CCl4.(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatitis B virus infection, extensively seen throughout the world, can become highly chronic. Pathogenesis of chronic hepatitis is not yet known fully. It is shown that oxidative stress may play a role in pathogenesis and may regulate collagen synthesis and thus may contribute to the process of liver damage. This study is aimed at(More)
Human toxocariasis is commonly seen in places where stray and Toxocara canis-infected dog population is high. There is a strong correlation between frequency of Toxocara infection, life style, and infection risk. Institutionalization of mental retarded patients increases to risk of toxocariasis. In this study, we aimed at investigating the frequency of(More)
We characterized an outbreak of acute diarrheal disease caused by group A rotavirus that occurred during the Autumn of 2005 in Malatya City, Turkey. A total 9907 patients between 0 to 91 years old (mean age: 25.05�19.67) were included in the epidemic. The patients� data were prospectively collected and statistically analyzed. Microbiologic analyses were(More)
The trematodes of the genus Fasciola are the common liver flukes of a range species of animals and have a global geographical distribution. They can generally be distinguished on the basic of their morphology. ITS-2 ribosomal DNA sequences have been used to characterize the liver flukes as a specific marker from different geographical regions which include(More)