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In the leishmaniasis focus of Sanliurfa, south-east Turquey, phlebotomine sandflies catches in houses and stables seem to confirm the parasitological data with an urban cycle due to Leishmania tropica transmitted by Phlebotomus sergenti. The incidence could be reduce drastically by intradomiciliar and stables insecticide pulverisations.
Photocatalytic degradations of azo dye (RR 180), pesticide (2,4-D) and antibiotic (enrofloxacin) in aqueous solutions were performed and compared by using pure ZnO and ZnO/TiO2 composite (at 1:1 ZnO to TiO2 mole ratio) catalysts in a self-supporting plate form. The plates were produced by tape casting of the constituent powder slurries and sintering at(More)
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