Mehmet Kocaturk

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In this article, we introduce the Bioinspired Neuroprosthetic Design Environment (BNDE) as a practical platform for the development of novel brain-machine interface (BMI) controllers, which are based on spiking model neurons. We built the BNDE around a hard real-time system so that it is capable of creating simulated synapses from extracellularly recorded(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to investigate the possible serum protein changes after endotoxin administration in healthy and choline-treated calves using proteomics. These results are expected to contribute to the understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms of endotoxemia and the beneficial effect of choline administration in this clinical situation.(More)
Neuronal spike detection is an essential pre-processing step for the analysis of extracellular brain signals in neuroscience. In resonance based signal decomposition, analyzed signal can be expressed as the sum of a `high-resonance' and `low-resonance component'. A high-resonance component can be thought as a signal consisting of sustained oscillations and(More)
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