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The World Wide Web has the potential of being used as an inexpensive and convenient metacomputing resource. This brings forward new challenges and invalidates many of the assumptions made in offering the same functional-ity for a network of workstations. We have designed and implemented Charlotte which goes beyond providing a set of features commonly used(More)
Telecommunication switches implement overload controls to maintain call throughput and delay at acceptable levels during periods of high load. Existing work has mostly focused on controls under sustained overload–they do not meet the demands of modern telecommunication systems where the increased number of services and mobile subscribers often creates fast(More)
We propose multi-class signaling overload control algorithms, for telecommunication switches, that are robust against different input traffic patterns and system upgrades. In order to appropriately measure the system load when several classes of signaling traffic are present, we first introduce the concept of equivalent system load measure that converts the(More)
Java in combination with Web browsers' abilities to load and execute untrusted Java applets in a secure fashion has made computing over the Web a possibility. Now the challenge is to fully utilize this potential, given the limitations imposed by browsers. This paper presents Knitting-Factory, an infrastructure to facilitate Web-based computing , which(More)
1 Abstract Many popular Web sites employ a set geographically dispersed, replicated servers to address the issue of overloaded servers and network congestion. Such distributed Web sites require allocation mechanisms to dispatch request in a way such that any desired load distribution can be enforced. Unlike most traditional approadms, we propose a technique(More)
To Helen and Zachary iv Acknowledgements I want to thank Zvi for being a great advisor. He always puts his students first, and he has given me all the support I needed throughout my studies. I am grateful to him for teaching me to distinguish between important details I should pay attention to and unnecessary cludder which I should dispose of; he pushed the(More)
Internet telephony and mobile telephony are both growing very rapidly. Directly interworking the two presents significant advantages over connecting them through an intermediate PSTN link. We propose three novel schemes for the most complex aspect of the interworking: call delivery from an Internet telephony (SIP) terminal to a mobile telephony (UMTS)(More)
To my family for their support in all these years iii Acknowledgment I am indebted to my family, which have given me strong support in all these years to pursue my own ambition. Special thanks to my advisors: Zvi M. Kedem and Vijay Karamcheti. It is from Zvi that I learned to appreciate simplicity and to look for interesting problems from ordinary tasks in(More)
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