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—Finding an available parking spot in big and crowded city centers has been an important problem for people who use their own cars for transportation. Hence, parking spot detection has been an interesting problem that has drawn considerable attention. Although parking spot detection using ground based camera imagery has been studied extensively, doing the(More)
Purpose – The relationship between energy consumption (EC) and economic growth is a well-known and more studied subject in literature. In this study, Turkey's EC and gross domestic product (GDP) relation is analyzed. The aim of this study is to find out the relative importance of energy components on GDP for Turkey. Hence, the authors can make some(More)
This work is concerned with modeling the propagation of real-time/location-based news over social networks. We start out by presenting a brief introduction to the problem of news propagation in the real-time/location-based setting. Then, we give a short literature survey and also briefly talk about the existing work in modeling the mentioned problem. In the(More)
3,3-Dichloro-N-p-methoxyphenyl-4-(2-phenylstryl)-2-azetidinone (C22H15Cl2NO2) was studied by X-Ray analysis, which indicated a monoclinic space group, P2(1)/c, with a = 9.619(5), b = 13.879(4), c = 14.161(5)A, beta = 100.16(3)degrees, V = 1860.8(13)A3, Z = 4, Dc = 1.414 g cm(-3), micro(Mo Kalpha) = 0.366 mm(-1) and F000 = 816. The structure was solved by(More)
The crystal structure of the title compound has been determined. The coordination geometry about the iron(II) center is a tetrahedrally distorted square plane formed by the four-coordinate N2O2 donor set of the Schiff-base imine-phenol ligand. Molecules of the title compound are not planar. The two Schiff-base moieties, which themselves are reasonably(More)