Mehmet Haluk Uluutku

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The relation of the nerves with the piriformis muscle in the deep gluteal region examined in 50 buttock from 18 male and 7 male newborn cadavers. The nerves were found in usual position in 74% of sides, while one or more nerves perforated the piriformis in 16% and, unusual location of the nerves with intact piriformis was in 10% of sides. Abnormal located(More)
In this study, we focused on finding out whether branching patterns of the common fibular (CFN) and superficial fibular (SFN) nerves change throughout the early period of life. The popliteal fossa and legs on both sides of 20 fetuses (13 females and 7 males) were dissected. The ages of the fetuses varied between 20 and 36 weeks. The levels where the CFN(More)
An accessory flexor digitorum longus muscle associated with a high division of the tibial nerve was encountered during routine dissection in the right leg of a newborn cadaver. The tibial nerve divided into its two terminal branches at a higher level than normal with a small branch from the tibial nerve contributing to one of the terminal branches. In(More)
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