Mehmet Hadi Gunes

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Alias resolution, the task of identifying IP addresses belonging to the same router, is an important step in building traceroute-based Internet topology maps. Inaccuracies in alias resolution affect the representativeness of constructed topology maps. This in turn affects the conclusions derived from studies that use these maps. This paper presents two(More)
—Internet measurement studies utilize traceroute to collect path traces from the Internet. A router that does not respond to a traceroute query is referred to as an anonymous router and is represented by a '*' in the traceroute output. Anonymous router resolution refers to the task of identifying the occurrences of '*'s that belong to the same router in the(More)
— IP alias resolution is an important step in generating sample Internet topologies from collected path traces. Inaccuracies in IP alias resolution may significantly affect the characteristics of the resulting sample topologies. This in turn affects the accuracy of measurement results obtained using such topologies. Existing tools for alias resolution use(More)
—Social networking sites employ recommendation systems in contribution to providing better user experiences. The complexity in developing recommendation systems is largely due to the heterogeneous nature of social networks. This paper presents an approach to friend recommendation systems by using complex network theory, cognitive theory and a Pareto>optimal(More)
It has been over 16 years since Cisco's NetFlow was patented in 1996. Extensive research has been conducted since then and many applications have been developed. In this survey, we have reviewed an extensive number of studies with emphasis on network flow applications. First, we provide a brief introduction to sFlow, NetFlow and network traffic analysis.(More)
Internet measurement studies require availability of representative topology maps. Depending on the map resolution (e.g., autonomous system level or router level), the procedure of collecting and processing an Internet topology map involves different tasks. In this paper, we present a new task, i.e., subnet inference, to advance the current state of the art(More)
—Internet measurement studies utilize traceroute-based path traces to build representative Internet maps. These maps are then used to analyze various topological characteristics of the Internet. IP alias resolution is an important step in building a map from a set of collected path traces. In this paper, we study the impact of incomplete IP alias resolution(More)
Climate change is the subject of intense research, covering a broad range of causes and effects over long periods of time. Large data sources are needed to support this research, prompting scientists to turn to repositories to collect and share data. Many repositories exist with various data formats and access methods, presenting a challenging environment(More)
A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptosystems, " Abstract—We devise one exact and one pessimistic path delay fault (PDF) grading algorithms for combinational circuits. The first algorithm, an extension to the basic grading algorithm of Padmanaban, Michael, and Tragoudas (2003), does not store all of the detected PDFs during the(More)