Mehmet H. Göker

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Increased computing power and the Web have made information widely accessible. In turn, this has encouraged the development of recommendation systems that help users find items of interest, such as books or restaurants. Such systems are more useful when they personalize themselves to each user’s preferences, thus making the recommendation process more(More)
We describe recommender systems and especially case-based recommender systems. We define a framework in which these systems can be understood. The framework contrasts collaborative with case-based, reactive with proactive, single-shot with conversational, and asking with proposing. Within this framework, we review a selection of papers from the case-based(More)
Current Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) process models present CBR as a low maintenance AI-technology and do not take the processes that have to be enacted during system development and utilization into account. Since a CBR system can only be useful if it is integrated into an organizational structure and used by more than one user, processes for continuous(More)
The increasing number of hardware and software at Daimler-Benz personal car development in Sindelfingen combined with the constant number of help-desk operators demanded a help-desk system which goes beyond the classical trouble-ticket approach. In this application paper we give an overview of the situation at the CAD/CAM Help-Desk in Sindelfingen and the(More)
The Connection Machine helps PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) partners and staff to solve problems by connecting people to people. It allows information seekers to enter their question in free text, finds knowledgeable colleagues, forwards the question to them, obtains the answer and sends it back to the seeker. In the course of this interaction, the(More)