Mehmet Ertaş

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The magnetic properties of a nonequilibrium mixed spin-2 and spin-5/2 Ising ferrimagnetic system with a crystal-field interaction (D) in the presence of a time-varying magnetic field on a hexagonal lattice are studied by using the Glauber-type stochastic dynamics. The model system consists of two interpenetrating sublattices with sigma=2 and S=5/2. The(More)
R. Abbate G. Abbruzzese L. Ackland M. Adachi J.E. Adler L. Adobbati F. Agosta U. Aguglia F. Ahmed A. Albanese F. Albani A. Alberici C. Alfaro A.M. Aloisi M.P. Amato M. Amboni M. Andrabi T. Annanmaki G. Annesi P. Annunziata L. Annunziato A. Antonini C. Antozzi G. Arabia N. Araki T. Arendt R. Arnon M. Atzori M. Auer-Grumbach G. Avanzini C. Babiloni F. Bagnoli(More)
In recent years, several theoretical studies on the equilibrium properties of two sublattice mixed spin-1 and spin-2 Ising model have been reported [1]. Nonequlibrium properties of this model has not been investigated so far. One of the interesting problems in nonequlibrium systems is to calculate the dynamic phase transition (DPT) temperatures and present(More)
Nonequilibrium magnetic properties in a two-dimensional kinetic mixed spin-2 and spin-5/2 Ising system in the presence of a time-varying (sinusoidal) magnetic field are studied within the effective-field theory (EFT) with correlations. The time evolution of the system is described by using Glauber-type stochastic dynamics. The dynamic EFT equations are(More)
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