Mehmet Elbistan

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The study aimed to determine the effects of cytostatic and genotoxic drugs used to treat breast cancer on sister chromatid exchange (SCE). SCE values were examined in 25 female patients with breast cancer in pre-treatment, treatment process and remission period as well as in 22 nonsmoker women via peripheral blood culture technique. The SCE values of(More)
The balanced translocations are accepted as chromosomal rearrangements that do not generally reflect any phenotypic evidence. However, phenotypical influences can be seen in children of balanced translocation carriers due to the formation of partial monosomy and partial trisomy of any related chromosome. In this study, 25 cases that detected to have(More)
CGG repeat expansion in the FMR1 gene is associated with fragile X syndrome, fragile X-associated tremor/ ataxia syndrome and fragile X-associated primary ovarian insufficiency. In this study, FMR1 gene mutation screening was carried out in 50 patients. Among them, 12 (%24) were POF and 19 (%38) were Fragile-X. We also examined the parents of the Fragile-X(More)
Leptin (LEP), an adipocyte-derived cytokine, has been reported to participate in carcinogenesis. Elevated levels of systemic and pulmonary LEP are associated with diseases related to lung injury and lung cancer. The purpose of the present study was to investigate if the LEP and leptin receptor (LEPR) gene polymorphisms are associated with lung cancer in a(More)
In this study, the importance of quantitative fluorescence polymerase chain reaction (QF-PCR) aneuploidy diagnosis test which provides earlier and easier results were discussed. The cell cultures and DNA isolations were performed on 100 amniotic fluids. DNA isolations were made from peripheral blood samples of mothers who had blood-stained amniotic fluid(More)
Levetiracetam is a new-generation antiepileptic drug initially approved as an adjunctive treatment for patients with refractory partial seizures and is now also used as a monotherapy. The aim of this study was to evaluate the genotoxic effects of levetiracetam exposure during pregnancy on rat offsprings. In this study, we used the newborn pups of rats(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of PPAR-α intron 7G>C and PPARGC1A gene Gly482Ser polymorphisms on aerobic performance of elite level endurance athletes. This study was carried out on 170 inviduals (60 elite level endurance athletes and 110 sedentary controls). Aerobic performance of athletes and sedentary control groups were defined by(More)
OBJECTIVE Levetiracetam is a new generation antiepileptic drug used in treatment of patients with epilepsy and has adverse effects on different tissues. We aimed to evaluate the apoptotic effects of levetiracetam exposure during pregnancy on liver and kidney tissues of rat pups. METHODS We analyzed the newborn rat pups exposed to levetiracetam during(More)
PURPOSE This study was performed on miscarriage samples for chromosome analysis to detect copy number variations (CNVs) related to subtelomeric regions, and with these results we aimed to adapt multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) method for prenatal diagnosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS The cell cultures and DNA isolations were performed on(More)
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