Mehmet C. Ozturk

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Liver with cirrhosis emerges when the cells of liver begin to die and the tissues become a functional knot from these. In the diagnosis of fibrosis, the needle biopsy is a golden standard. Although this technique is a good techique in reaching accurate diagnosis, its being an invasive method arises disadvantage. The developments in medical image processing(More)
GUNAL, UGUR. The Effectiveness of Global Difference Value Prediction And Memory Bus Priority Schemes for Speculative Prefetch. (Under the direction of Dr. Thomas M. Conte.) Processor clock speeds have drastically increased in the recent years. However, the cycle time improvement in the DRAM semiconductor technology used for memories has been comparatively(More)
Even though liver biopsy is critical for evaluating chronic hepatitis and fibrosis, it is an invasive, costly, and difficult to standardize approach. The developments in medical image processing and artificial intelligence methods have advanced the potential of using computer-aided diagnosis techniques in the classification of liver tissues. The aim of this(More)
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