Mehmet Bulent Ozdemir

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Sulfite, which is continuously formed in the body during metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids, is commonly used in preservatives. It has been shown that there are toxic effects of sulfite on many cellular components. The aim of this study was to investigate the possible toxic effects of sulfite on pyramidal neurons by counting cell numbers in CA1 and(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the penicillin-induced epilepsy model in terms of dose-response relationship of penicillin used to induce epilepsy seizure on hippocampal neuron number and hippocampal volume in Sprague-Dawley rats. Seizures were induced with 300, 500, 1500 and 2000IU of penicillin-G injected intracortically in rats divided in four(More)
Ventricular system is a brain area that can be effected by numerous disorders like psychiatric disorders, particularly schizophrenia and Alzheimer [1, 2]. Furthermore, some changes during the biologic course of aging are also seen [3]. Nowadays, many studies are being done on the ventricular system. In these studies, the most preferable animal is rat,(More)
Electron-deficient π-conjugated small molecules can function as electron-transporting semiconductors in various optoelectronic applications. Despite their unique structural, optical, and electronic properties, the development of BODIPY-based organic semiconductors has lagged behind that of other π-deficient units. Here, we report the design and synthesis of(More)
This study was conducted to estimate genetic distances among Akkaraman, Morkaraman, Awassi, Merino, Karakul, Kivircik, Imroz, Daglic and Karayaka sheep breeds reared in Turkey based on simple polymorphic blood protein types by using various methods including horizontal strach gel electrophoresis and polyacrilamyde gel electrophoresis (PAGE). NJ and UPGMA(More)
In this investigation, aqueous immersion solutions of novel environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors that are used to inhibit corrosion of mild steel substrate surfaces in corrosive media are characterized since immersion solutions are indicators of the extent of corrosion, which can even be observed visually in a qualitative manner, e.g. salt(More)
The design and development of three-dimensional (3D) nanostructures with high surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) performances have attracted considerable attention in the fields of chemistry, biology, and materials science. Nevertheless, electrospraying of organic small molecules on low-cost flexible substrates has never been studied to realize(More)
π-Conjugated organic semiconductors have been explored in several optoelectronic devices, yet their use in molecular detection as surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)-active platforms is unknown. Herein, we demonstrate that SERS-active, superhydrophobic and ivy-like nanostructured films of a molecular semiconductor, α,ω-diperfluorohexylquaterthiophene(More)
Compulsators are being designed at ever increasing energies and energy densities and are required to deliver energy to the load in less than 10 ms. These require high speeds of operation and dense spacing of conductors. Diffusion of magnetic fields into the conductors and the formation of nonuniform, time-dependent distribution of eddy currents become(More)
OBJECTIVES The ventricular system is an essential part of the brain. Various pathologies directly or indirectly affect the size of this system. Morphometric analysis of the cerebral ventricular system is important for evaluating changes due to growth, aging, and intrinsic and extrinsic pathologies. The aim of this study was to evaluate the normative data(More)