Mehmet Bahadir Celebi

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SUMMARY Ambient vibration analysis is proposed as an alternative way to inspect buildings before or after an earthquake. This fast and low-cost method is well-adapted to large-scale studies for which a large amount of buildings has to be checked. One of the most common critics usually done on the use of ambient vibrations in structures is the very low level(More)
The recorded responses of an Anchorage, Alaska, building during four significant earthquakes that occurred in 2002 are studied. Two earthquakes, including the 3 November 2002 M7.9 Denali fault earthquake, with epicen-ters approximately 275 km from the building, generated long trains of long-period (Ͼ1 s) surface waves. The other two smaller earthquakes(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine if snorers have a narrower oropharyngeal airway area because of fat infiltration, and an elevated body mass index. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten control subjects and 19 patients that snored were evaluated. We obtained 2-mm-thick axial CT scan images every 0.6 seconds during expiration and inspiration at the(More)
Detection of primary services is important for the access of unlicensed/secondary services to TV bands in order to increase spectral efficiency. We proposed a weak wireless microphone signal detector based on higher-order spectral (bispectral) analysis. In order to reduce complexity, we estimated the bispectrum through the use of direct method and detection(More)
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