Mehmet Ayvaz

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STUDY DESIGN A longitudinal case study. OBJECTIVE To determine whether pedicle screws placed in an immature spine exert effect on the continued growth of the vertebral body. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Pedicle screws have revolutionized surgical treatment of spinal deformities by allowing a mode of secure fixation that provides consistently better(More)
BACKGROUND The ultrastructure of the normal menisci has been thoroughly investigated and found to correlate with meniscal tears. Although discoid menisci are accepted to have the same composition as their normal counterparts, to our knowledge, no study in the literature has investigated this issue. PURPOSE To investigate the ultrastructure of the discoid(More)
Hemangioma may occur at any location. Although the imaging findings of hemangioma are well known, it may be difficult to differentiate this entity from other soft-tissue tumors. Intraneural hemangiomas are extremely rare. We present a girl with a painful swelling in the fourth web space of her right hand. Since it was painful, the referring clinician(More)
Reconstruction after the resection of a pelvic tumor is a challenging procedure in orthopedic oncology. The main advantage of allograft reconstruction is restoration of the bony architecture of the complex pelvic region. However, high complication rates such as infection and allograft resorption had been reported in the literature. In this study, we aimed(More)
A prospective study of modified percutaneous Achilles tendon repair performed between 1999 and 2005 under local infiltration anesthesia is presented; the study evaluated the results of percutaneous repair technique by visualization of the synovia under endoscopic control, followed by early functional postoperative treatment for surgical intervention of(More)
SUMMARY Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is very rarely seen in the pediatric age group. Self-healing is the usual clinical course in congenital LCH with cutaneous involvement. We describe a newborn with a solid mass in his thigh noticed at birth, without skin manifestations. LCH should be considered in the differential diagnosis of congenital solid(More)
Unstable pelvic ring fractures cause high rates of morbidity and mortality. Percutaneous iliosacral screws provide a safe pelvic fixation obviating large surgical exposures. The presence of transitional vertebrae may present difficulties in numbering and fluoroscopic identification of lumbar discs and vertebrae. We performed percutaneous iliolumbar screw(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case series. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the necessity of neurosurgical interventions for split cord malformations (SCMs) before correction and instrumentation for patients with congenital spinal deformity(CSD)s. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA SCMs are commonly associated with CSD. As pathology of SCMs understood well, the common(More)