Mehmet Aydin

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Refineries are giant industrial facilities where tons of crude oil is turned into fuel oil and other chemical by-products through different chemical processes every day. In this article, we discuss big data problems specifically obserbed in sensor-heavy oil refineries (volume, velocity, variety, veracity) and suggest real-time data validation and(More)
In this paper, a novel radio resource scheduling policy for Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) radio access technology in downlink acceptance is proposed. The scheduling process works with dispatching rules which are various with different behaviors. In the literature, the scheduling disciplines are applied for the entire transmission sessions and the(More)
The tradeoff concept between system capacity and user fairness attracts a big interest in LTE-Advanced resource allocation strategies. By using static threshold values for throughput or fairness, regardless the network conditions, makes the scheduler to be inflexible when different tradeoff levels are required by the system. This paper proposes a novel(More)
The use of the intelligent packet scheduling process is absolutely necessary in order to make the radio resources usage more efficient in recent high-bit-rate demanding radio access technologies such as Long Term Evolution (LTE). Packet scheduling procedure works with various dispatching rules with different behaviors. In the literature, the scheduling(More)
In LTE-A cellular networks there is a fundamental trade-off between the cell throughput and fairness levels for preselected users which are sharing the same amount of resources at one transmission time interval (TTI). The static parameterization of the Generalized Proportional Fair (GPF) scheduling rule is not able to maintain a satisfactory level of(More)
This research was conducted to determine the wheat varieties against waterlogging which was clearly increased in recent years. For this purpose, this study was performed at Field Crops and Soil Science Department of Agricultural Faculty of Adnan Menderes University during wheat growth stages of 2007-2008. The experimental design was randomized complete(More)
Maintaining a desired trade-off performance between system throughput maximization and user fairness satisfaction constitutes a problem that is still far from being solved. In LTE systems, different tradeoff levels can be obtained by using a proper parameterization of the Generalized Proportional Fair (GPF) scheduling rule. Our approach is able to find the(More)
In this study, the current situation of an invasive gastropod rapa whelk fishery with dredges and hookah systems were comparatively evaluated. On the other hand, a socio-economic analysis was conducted to evaluate the hookah (diving) system via face to face interviews. There were 207 vessels legally operating in the research area for whelk fisheries 108 of(More)
The present study intends to seek senior mathematics student teachers’ views of ‘feedback’ concept and to determine how they give feedback when one examination paper is presented. A four-item survey was administered to 56 senior mathematics student teachers randomly drawn from Department of Elementary Mathematics Teacher Education, Fatih Faculty of(More)
This is to certify that we have read this thesis and that we find it fully adequate in scope, quality and content, as a thesis for the degree of Master of Science. continously asking me " how is the thesis going? " , because she encouraged me to persevere without knowing it. Also I would like to thank to my best friend, my colleague, my dear husband Tarkan(More)