Mehmet Alper Sahin

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This study aims to display the views of the primary school supervisors who apply supervision and guidance activities in computer technology class. The study was conducted in Mersin, Turkey, with 69 primary school supervisors. Data collection tool developed by the researchers as a form consisting of open-ended questions. The obtained data were analyzed with(More)
In this paper, we introduced some similarity measures for bipolar neutrosophic sets such as; Dice similarity measure, weighted Dice similarity measure, Hybrid vector similarity measure and weighted Hybrid vector similarity measure. Also we examine the propositions of the similarity measures. Furthermore, a multi-criteria decision-making method for bipolar(More)
In this paper, the concept of trapezoidal fuzzy multi-number (TFM-number) is proposed and some desired operational laws with properties are introduced. In the TFM-number, the occurrences are more than one with the possibility of the same or the different membership functions and the TFM-number is an extension of both fuzzy number set and fuzzy set, allowing(More)
Students have long regarded science as a difficult subject because of hard and abstract concepts. Traditional science teaching has been depended mostly on visual instruction. This makes it difficult for visually impaired (VI) or partially sighted students included in regular classrooms to learn the concepts. Blind students on the other hand, have no visual(More)
Genetic algorithm (GA) inspired by the biological world is a general search and optimization method. It was first proposed by Holland in 1975. GA has been applied to many scientific areas especially in engineering optimization problems. It is also used in solving of quantum mechanical problems. In this study, we have applied this method to different(More)
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