Mehmet Ali Babademez

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With the physical, emotional and cognitive effects of senility, elderly people, especially those with impaired hearing, need rehabilitation for improving their life conditions. Hearing aids are frequently used to improve their daily life communications and activities. The aim of this study was to report the cognitive and psychological benefits of using(More)
OBJECTIVE Submucosal minimally invasive lingual excision (SMILE) is a novel approach to address hypopharyngeal obstruction. This study compares the efficacy, morbidity, and complications of this technique to radiofrequency reduction of the tongue base (RFBOT), the current standard in minimally invasive tongue base reduction. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective(More)
CONCLUSIONS Coblation was seen to be a much safer method for tonsil reduction surgery with less morbidity and with a higher efficacy in early and long-term follow-up. OBJECTIVE The objective was to compare the efficacy, morbidity and safety of three techniques for reduction of tonsil size in tonsillar hypertrophy in children. METHODS This was a(More)
Finding and protecting the facial nerve are a challenge for the surgeon performing parotid surgery. The abnormal relationship between the retromandibular vein and facial nerve and its branches may increase the risk of facial nerve injury during surgery. In this clinical report, we have reported a 41-year-old female patient with pleomorphic adenoma(More)
Isotretinoin is widely used in the treatment of extensive and nodulocystic acne. The objective of this prospective study was to investigate whether oral isotretinoin could affect the hearing system. Thirty-eight patients with acne vulgaris (76 ears) who were diagnosed and treated at the Department of Dermatology were included in the current study. Study(More)
Thyroid tissue descends to its normal pretracheal location on the seventh week of fetal life via the thyroglossal duct connected to the tongue base from the foramen cecum from which it originates during embryological development. Ectopic thyroid tissue develops as the result of exposure of thyroid tissue totally or partially to a defective descent related(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to demonstrate the frequency of sensitivity to European standard patch test allergens in patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal (EAC). STUDY DESIGN A prospective case-control study. METHODS Fifty-six female patients with the complaint of recurrent EAC itching and 30 female controls without(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an animal cadaver model that would allow residents to learn functional endoscopic sinus surgery as a complementary model. STUDY DESIGN Prospective experimental study. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two of our first-year residents were included in the study, and each operated on 5 sheep noses. All the routine steps of endoscopic sinus surgery(More)
One of the most important complications of thyroid surgery is inferior laryngeal nerve injury. Variations of inferior laryngeal nerve may increase the risk of iatrogenic injury. Coexistence of ipsilateral nonrecurrent laryngeal nerve and recurrent laryngeal nerve is a very rare variation, and sufficient data are not available on the anatomical and(More)