Mehmet Albayrak

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Intraosseous lipoma is the rarest primary bone tumor, is usually asymptomatic, and is often discovered incidentally during unrelated investigations. Lipomas usually undergo varying degrees of involution, with necrosis, cyst formation, and calcification. Careful radiological-pathological correlation is required to avoid misinterpretation. This study(More)
We investigate the concept of Abel continuity. A function f defined on a subset of ℝ, the set of real numbers, is Abel continuous if it preserves Abel convergent sequences. Some other types of continuities are also studied and interesting result is obtained. It turned out that uniform limit of a sequence of Abel continuous functions is Abel continuous and(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated the results of calcaneal lengthening using the modified Evans osteotomy technique in patients with flexible pes planovalgus and the effectiveness of this technique in restoring the alignment of the foot. METHODS Calcaneal lengthening osteotomy was performed using the modified Evans technique in 22 feet of 11 patients (6 males, 5(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the diffusion tensor parameters of prostate cancer, prostatitis and normal prostate tissue. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 25 patients with the suspicion of prostate cancer were included in the study. MRI was performed with 3 T system (Intera Achieva, Philips Medical Systems, The Netherlands). T2 TSE and DTI(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated the results of single-stage multilevel muscle-tendon surgery performed for the treatment of contractures in the lower extremities of patients with spastic cerebral palsy. METHODS The study included 23 patients (11 girls, 12 boys; mean age 6 years 3 months; range 4 to 17 years) with spastic cerebral palsy, who underwent single-stage(More)
Isolated sacral fractures are very rare in children. Two children, aged eight and 12 years, presented with an isolated sacral type III fracture and a fracture dislocation, respectively, both of which were not associated with any neurologic problems. Without any attempts for reduction, the fractures healed completely with conservative treatment. These cases(More)
A simple, inexpensive technique for fixation of proximal opening-wedge osteotomy of the first metatarsal for correction of moderate or severe hallux valgus (HV) is described. After the opening-wedge osteotomy and bone grafting of the first metatarsal have been performed, 2 Kirschner wires are introduced for internal fixation and removed 8 weeks(More)
OBJECTIVES Sterile Esmarch bandages have a widespread use in orthopedic surgery. We evaluated the efficacy of two different methods of preparing Esmarch bandages for sterilization. METHODS Two groups of Esmarch bandages were used, each group consisting of 25 bandages. The size of the bandages was 6.3 cm in width and 450 cm in length. Before sterilization,(More)
Complete hydatiforme mole with coexisting live fetus (CMCF) is a rare entity. Management for this rare twin pregnancy still remains undetermined. We report the delivery of a healthy baby coexisting with complete mole as twins. There was no other complication during or after the pregnancy. A 30-year-old multiparous woman was first time assessed in the(More)