Mehmet Çayören

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In this paper we would like to suggest a new method for nondestructive testing of dielectrics. This method is based on determining transmission eigenvalues from electromagnetic scattering data and deducing the presence of cavities in the dielectric from the location of the eigenvalues. The model problem we have in mind (although many others are possible!)(More)
A new microwave imaging method that uses microwave contrast agents is presented for the detection and localization of breast tumours. The method is based on the reconstruction of breast surface impedance through a measured scattered field. The surface impedance modelling allows for representing the electrical properties of the breasts in terms of impedance(More)
Scattering problems related to coatings located on a perfectly conducting objects are of importance due to their potential applications of antenna design. The results of such studies can be used to determine the dielectric coatings to obtain a desired antenna radiation pattern. Although there are a number of methods for coatings with simple geometries in(More)
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