Meher T. Shaikh

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—Query suggestions (QS) tailored specifically for children are slowly gaining research attention in response to the growth in Internet use by children. Even though QS offered by popular search engines adequately meet the information needs of the general public, they do not achieve equivalent effectiveness from a child's perspective. This is because(More)
—Commercial web search engines include a query suggestion module so that given a user's keyword query, alternative suggestions are offered and served as a guide to assist the user in formulating queries which capture his/her intended information need in a quick and simple manner. Majority of these modules, however, perform an in-depth analysis of large(More)
Question-Answering (QA) service is a growing area of research study, and commercial QA systems have recently been developed. We are motivated to provide complementary QA service that answers questions in advertisements (ads). These days with almost all businesses online, potential buyers who search for merchandises to purchase through the Internet are also(More)
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