Meher Chaitanya

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Parallel graph algorithms continue to attract a lotof research attention given their applications to several fields ofsciences and engineering. Efficient design and implementation ofgraph algorithms on modern manycore accelerators has to how-ever contend with a host of challenges including not being able toreach full memory system throughput and(More)
Software cost estimation is one of the most challenging tasks in software engineering. Over the past years the estimators have used parametric cost estimation models to establish software cost, however the challenges to accurate cost estimation keep evolving with the advancing technology. A detailed review of various cost estimation methods developed so far(More)
In this paper we design and implement an algorithm for finding the biconnected components of a given graph. Our algorithm is based on experimental evidence that finding the bridges of a graph is usually easier and faster in the parallel setting. We use this property to first decompose the graph into independent and maximal 2-edge-connected sub graphs. To(More)
Graph algorithms play an important role in several fields of sciences and engineering. Prominent among them are the All-Pairs-Shortest-Paths (APSP) and related problems. Indeed there are several efficient implementations for such problems on a variety of modern multi- and many-core architectures. It can be noticed that for several graph problems,(More)
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