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Nili-Ravi buffaloes (n=29) that calved normally between August and November and did not develop any clinical reproductive disorder after calving were studied for the incidence of sub-clinical bacterial infection of the uterus and its effects on postpartum reproductive efficiency. The incidence of subclinical uterine infection was 24% (7/29). Involution of(More)
A new technique of endoscopic carpal tunnel release using a 1.5-cm longitudinal palmar incision was used in 280 cases. The incision allows identification of the superficial palmar arch as well as the median nerve and its branches. A new knife/sleeve device that attaches to a standard 4-mm endoscope was created to simplify the procedure. The flexor(More)
The authors estimated the rates of development of serum antibodies against Brucella abortus, between January 1987 and December 1990, in female Jersey cattle and buffalo weaned from seropositive and seronegative dams, and used logistic regression analysis to examine the epidemiological relationship of these rates with the serum antibody status of dams. The(More)
In this article, after a brief account of the history and evolution of endoscopic carpal tunnel release, limited incision techniques, and an overview of the relevant anatomy, the authors describe various methods and instrumentation. The results, complications, and contraindications are noted. Subsequent discussion of the objections to and the special(More)
A case is presented wherein a 19-yearold woman sustained a spontaneous rupture of the tibialis anterior tendon following the fracture of her distal tibia in a motorcycle accident. The details of the operative procedure are described, as well as a discussion of the historic and contemporary treatment modalities for this injury. Subsequent to the tendon(More)
The study was conducted with the objective of examining descriptive epidemiological characteristics of malignant ocular tumours in Karachi (1998-2002). The data for two hundred and forty two ocular malignancies registered at the Karachi Cancer Registry for Karachi Division during a 5-year period, from January 1(st) 1998 to December 31(st) 2002 were(More)