Mehdi Tehrani

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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were grown on the surface of carbon fibers utilizing a relatively low temperature synthesis technique; graphitic structures by design (GSD). To probe the effects of the synthesis protocols on the mechanical properties, other samples with surface grown CNTs were prepared using catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CCVD). The woven(More)
Tungsten disulfide (WS(2)) nanometer sheets, spheres, fibers and tubes were generated by a synthetic pathway that avoids the use of H(2)S as the source of sulfur and employs instead CS(2) vapor, carried by an Ar or N(2)/H(2) stream in a heated tubular furnace, for the reaction with WO(3) precursor powders. The experiments were conducted at temperatures(More)
Little data is available in the scientific literature on postharvest changes taking place in Syzygium aqueum fruits, an increasingly popular fruit in the Asian region. In this study the postharvest physico-chemical and mechanical properties, namely, fruit color, weight loss, pulp firmness, total soluble solids, pH and titratable acidity were determined(More)
There are various methods to evaluating phosphate rock for direct application. The first approach is solubility test of Phosphate Rocks (PR) using chemical extractant. In this study to compare the effectiveness of direct application of PRs, two samples of a sedimentary unbeneficiated PR from Lar mine of Yasooj and two samples of concentrated PR of Asfordi(More)
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