Mehdi Tarzi

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INTRODUCTION The association between asthma and sinonasal disease has been established for years. As sinonasal disease is one of the factors that exacerbates asthma, effective treatment of this disorder may also improve and stabilize the asthmatic condition. This study examines the outcome of endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) on asthmatic patients with massive(More)
BACKGROUND Allergen-derived (T cell epitope) peptides may be safer for immunotherapy than native allergen, as they do not cross-link immunoglobulin (Ig)E. However, HLA polymorphism results in multiple potential epitopes. Synthetic peptides of phospholipase (PL) A(2) were selected for a peptide vaccine, on the basis of binding affinity for commonly expressed(More)
BACKGROUND We previously showed that overlapping Fel d 1-derived T-cell peptides inhibited surrogate markers of allergy (i.e. early and late-phase skin reactions and T-cell function) in cat allergic subjects. The present pilot study was designed to determine whether this treatment affected clinically relevant outcome measurements such as the(More)
Sphenoid sinus mucoceles are exceedingly rare. Most have occurred in men between the ages of 30 and 40 years. We report a case of sphenoid sinus mucocele that was unusual not only for the age of the patient (13 yr), but for the massive size of the lesion (59 x 53 mm). The patient presented with a 20-day history of unilateral proptosis, decreased vision,(More)
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