Mehdi Tajdari

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In this article, a new method has been presented for the estimation of fracture toughness in brittle materials, which enjoys improved accuracy and reduced costs associated with fracture toughness testing procedure compared to similar previous methods, because a vast range of specimens with irregular cracks can be accommodated for testing. Micron-sized(More)
Foreign object damage (FOD) usually happens when objects are sucked into jet engines powering military or civil aircraft. Under extreme conditions, FOD can lead to severe structural damage. More commonly it produces locally impacted sites of the fan and compressor airfoils, reducing fatigue life of these components. FOD is a prime cause for repair in(More)
Mechanical buckling analysis of rectangular plates with central circular cutout is performed in this paper. The finiteelement method is used to study the effects of plate-support conditions, aspect ratio, and hole size on the mechanical buckling strength of the perforated plates subjected to linearly varying loading. Results show that increasing the hole(More)
Non-linear characteristic of tire forces is the main cause of vehicle lateral dynamics instability, while direct yaw moment control is an effective method to recover the vehicle stability. In this paper, an optimal linear quadratic regulator (LQR) controller for roll-yaw dynamics to articulated heavy vehicles is developed. For this purpose, the equations of(More)
In this article, the dynamics and shock-control in a Reactive Distillation Column (RDC) for the transesterification of ethanol and acetic acid was studied and simulated. The dynamic behavior of the process was experimentally analyzed. The reactants were conducted in a fifteen stages RDC in a single feed stream. An appropriate strategy was chosen and(More)
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