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Chemical compositions of the marine algae Gracilaria salicornia (Rhodophyta) and Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyta) as a potential food source.
BACKGROUND The nutritional compositions of two edible red (Gracilaria salicornia) and green (Ulva lactuca) seaweeds were determined to evaluate their possible uses as potential food ingredients. Expand
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This study was conducted to create a nutritional database on brown seaweeds and to popularize their consumption and utilization in Iran. The fatty acid contents, amino acids profiles, and certainExpand
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Characterization and immunomodulatory activities of sulfated polysaccharides from Capsosiphon fulvescens.
Sulfated polysaccharides isolated from Capsosiphon fulvescens and fractionated using ion-exchange chromatography were investigated to determine their chemical and molecular characteristics andExpand
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Exopolysaccharides from lactic acid bacteria: structural analysis, molecular weight effect on immunomodulation.
Exopolysaccharides (EPS) obtained from the culture medium of Lactobacillus confusus TISTR 1498 were investigated to determine their molecular characteristics and the effect of molecular weight (Mw)Expand
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Compositional characterization and rheological properties of an anionic gum from Alyssum homolocarpum seeds
Abstract Compositional and rheological properties of Alyssum homolocarpum seed gum, as a new source of thickening agent for application in food industries, were investigated in this study. TheExpand
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Molecular characteristics and immunomodulatory activities of water-soluble sulfated polysaccharides from Ulva pertusa.
Sulfated polysaccharides isolated from Ulva pertusa and fractionated using anion-exchange chromatography were investigated to determine their molecular characteristics and bioactivities. The crudeExpand
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Molecular characteristics and biological activities of anionic macromolecules from Codium fragile.
Water-soluble anionic macromolecules isolated from Codium fragile and fractionated using ion-exchange chromatography were investigated to determine their molecular characteristics andExpand
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Effects of extraction methods on molecular characteristics, antioxidant properties and immunomodulation of alginates from Sargassum angustifolium.
The relationship between molecular structure and bioactivity was evaluated for alginates obtained under different extraction methods (water, acid, alcalase and cellulase) from SargassumExpand
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Effects of different photoperiods on growth, stress and haematological parameters in juvenile great sturgeon Huso huso
The eiects of constant light (24L:00D), no light (00L:24D) and two light^dark periods (18L:06D; 12L:12D) on the growth, stress and haematological variables were assessed in juvenile great sturgeon,Expand
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Purification, molecular properties, structural characterization, and immunomodulatory activities of water soluble polysaccharides from Sargassum angustifolium.
Sulfated polysaccharides isolated from Sargassum angustifolium and purified to determine their structural characteristics and biological activities. Crude polysaccharides and fractions (F1 and F2)Expand
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