Mehdi Sohrabi

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The primary goal of the present research is to study the effect of a neurofeedback training (NFT) period on balance problems associated with Parkinson's disease. Sixteen patients were selected through purposive sampling and were randomly divided into experimental and control groups. The research procedure included eight sessions. Prior to and after(More)
Ion emission angular distribution mechanisms in plasma focus devices (PFD) have not yet been well developed and understood being due to the lack of an efficient wide-angle ion distribution image detection system to characterize a PFD space in detail. Present belief is that the acceleration of ions points from "anode top" upwards in forward direction within(More)
The purpose of this investigation is to determine the effects Pettlep imagery pre-sleep on the motor performance. Thirty boys (16-18 years) after completing the MIQ-R Questionnaire and Following the pretest, were randomly placed into one in all three groups: (A) Consolidated Pettlep MI group (N=10), (B) Preparatory MI group (N=10), and (C) PP only group(More)
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