Mehdi Sohrabi

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Natural radiation is the major source of human exposure to ionising radiation, and its largest contributing component to effective dose arises from inhalation of (222)Rn and its radioactive progeny. However, despite extensive knowledge of radiation risks gained through epidemiologic investigations and mechanistic considerations, the health effects of(More)
  • M Sohrabi
  • 1998
Direct observations and studies of the radiobiological and epidemiological effects of ionizing radiation from naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) on man, in particular in areas with elevated NORM, are becoming of prime concern in radiation protection. This is due to existing discrepancies in the application of the linear no-threshold theory in(More)
The primary goal of the present research is to study the effect of a neurofeedback training (NFT) period on balance problems associated with Parkinson's disease. Sixteen patients were selected through purposive sampling and were randomly divided into experimental and control groups. The research procedure included eight sessions. Prior to and after(More)
PURPOSE A novel position-sensitive mega-size polycarbonate (MSPC) dosimeter is introduced. It provides photoneutron (PN) dose equivalent matrix of positions in and out of a beam of a high energy X-ray medical accelerator under a single exposure. METHODS A novel position-sensitive MSPC dosimeter was developed and applied. It has an effective etched area of(More)
AIM This study was conducted to examine the effects of aerobic exercise training on psychosocial aspects (mental health, the aspects of physical symptoms, anxiety and insomnia, social functioning, and depression) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. METHODS 53 men who had type 2 diabetes mellitus for a mean duration of the disease for 3±5 years were(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of the gantry angulation on dose profiles along the z-axis, the CTDIW value and the CTDIW efficiency in the head examinations. A Monte Carlo simulation model of a GE LightSpeed 16-slice CT scanner was developed by a GATE toolkit. The CTDI100 in air at the isocenter and in a head dosimetry phantom were(More)
One of the most important and prevalent isotopes of radium (Ra) in the human food chain, and especially in drinking water, is 226Ra. To determine the contribution of this radionuclide to the annual effective dose to the public in Iran, a national program for determination of this radionuclide was established. Over 500 water samples from different surface(More)
INTRODUCTION Balance is one of the main problems of children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). According to process-oriented approach, besides strength training, neuromuscular adaptations can improve balance. OBJETIVE To evaluate the effects of strength training on improving static and dynamic balance in DCD children. METHODS AND(More)
A recent novel development of 50-Hz-HV ECE of 1-mm-thick and 250-µm-thick polycarbonate track detectors (PCTDs) has proved some promising results for some health physics, dosimetry and ion-beam-related applications. The method while proved having some good characteristics for some applications provided a relatively higher background track density (BGTD) in(More)