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In this paper a novel Optimal Type-2 Fuzzy Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller (OT2FPIDC) is designed for controlling the air supply pressure of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system. The parameters of input and output membership functions, and PID controller coefficients are optimized simultaneously by random inertia weight(More)
Finding an expert fuzzy model for glucose-insulin system seems to be essential because this model is always changeable according to parameters such as body weight, individual age, time and numbers of meals, physical activities, and etc. In this paper we try to obtain a fuzzy model for diabetes mellitus. At first a certain diet is introduced and then the(More)
In this paper an Evolutionary-based hybrid thresholding method is presented and implemented on nano-scale light microscopic images. Because of background non-uniform illumination, Segmentation of nano-scale light microscopic images is a hard task in real world, and also fundamental task in image processing. An adaptive and efficient thresholding method(More)
Abstract: In this paper the design of an observer for Multi-input Multi-output (MIMO) systems using eigenstructure assignment and the employment of this observer for fault diagnosis are investigated. Moreover, the designed observer will be implemented in a model of unmanned aircraft. Furthermore, the state feedback design with eigenstructure assignment has(More)
Digital foot scanners have been developed in recent years to yield anthropometrists digital image of insole with pressure distribution and anthropometric information. In this paper, a hybrid algorithm containing gray level spatial correlation (GLSC) histogram and Shanbag entropy is presented for analysis of scanned foot images. An evolutionary algorithm is(More)
In this paper maximum power control of wind turbine and induction generator connected with two back to back voltage source converters to grid are studied. Machine currents are controlled by indirect vector control method. In this method, generator side converter controls the maximum excitation (air gap flux) by machine's d-axis current and controls(More)
A variety of control systems have been proposed for aircraft autopilot systems. Traditional approaches such as proportional controller and conventional PID (CPID) controller are widely used. PID controller has a good static performance especially for linear and time-invariant systems, but a weak dynamic performance and discouraging function on nonlinear,(More)
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