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This paper formulates the call admission control problem for media on demand (audio and video) requests in the form of a mathematical optimization model. This model allocates proper portions of the available capacity to the customers of various service classes in order to maximize service provider's revenue, resource utilization, and customer satisfaction.(More)
We extend a heuristic method within the framework of " dynamic capacity apportionment procedure " (DCAP) to allocate an existing capacity among the classes with different profit contributions. In general, DCAP is applied when some capacity shortage exists and can not be enhanced in short-run. Our proposed approach is constructed for a make-to-order(More)
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is an infrastructure-less network composed of mobile devices. In order to meet the foresight of newly developing MANETs, a method of maintaining a real-time flow despite dynamic topology and random movement of users is required. Mobility prediction is one of the keys to successful design of efficient protocols to find stable(More)
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