Mehdi Sagheb-Tehrani

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The technology of computer has been applied to the automation of office tasks and procedures. The technology of expert systems make available a new methodology for automating knowledge-oriented processes. The development of expert systems raises a number of issues for the organizations. This paper presents a descriptive model regarding some potential(More)
A successful project demands a correct and thorough requirements specification. This paper proposes techniques and strategies for handling business rules and requirements. The guidelines we provide are based on our own experiences with the development of large-scale enterprise applications as well as research we have done on best practices for requirements(More)
A discussion is presented of why some Expert Systems (ES) that organizations have developed are not successful. The concept of design process plays a very significant role in the outset of the Expert Systems Development (ESD) process. This concept has not been the subject of much debate and attention in ESD. From the authors' point of view, one of the main(More)
Governments around the world are implementing electronic government. Today governments at all levels reply to millions of citizen queries electronically. Electronic-government (e-government) promises accurate, agile, transactions and delivery of services and information to businesses, citizens and governments agencies. More, e-government plays a part(More)
Recently, several flavors of formal methods have been gaining industrial acceptance and production quality software tools have begun emerging. Domain Engineering (DE) has been introduced as one of outstanding ideas in software development. It serves Formal Methods (FMs) that provide a rigorous, mathematical based framework for specifying, defining, and(More)