Mehdi Sadeghzadeh

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During the last decades, universal economy has experienced money laundering and its destructive impact on the economy of the countries. Money laundering is the process of converting or transferring an asset in order to conceal its illegal source or assist someone that is involved in such crimes. Criminals generally attempt to clean the sources of the funds(More)
Cell collaboration, also known as downlink network MIMO, has been proved to suppress the adverse effects of inter-cell interference (ICI), and as a result, to improve the performance of cell edge users. In this paper, we propose a novel clustered linear precoding scheme applicable to network MIMO systems using only partial channel state information (CSI) to(More)
The ad hoc network is a system of network elements that combine to form a network requiring little or no planning. This may not be feasible as nodes can enter and leave the network. In such networks, each node can receive the packet (host) and the packet sender (router) to act. The goal of routing is finding paths that meet the needs of the network and(More)
Losses caused by malware are irrecoverable. Detection of malicious activity is the most challenge in the security of computing systems because current virulent executable are using sophisticated polymorphism and metamorphism techniques. It make difficult for analyzers to investigate their code statically. In this paper, we present a data mining approach to(More)
Recommender Systems (RS) provide personalized recommendation according to the user need by analyzing behavior of users and gathering their information. One of the algorithms used in recommender systems is user-based Collaborative Filtering (CF) method. The idea is that if users have similar preferences in the past, they will probably have similar(More)