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In this paper the level of selenium and mercury is analyzed in edible part and liver of Psettodes erumei and Otolithes ruber two commercial fish in Persian Gulf. The average concentration of Hg and Se in edible parts of P. erumei was 0.077 ± 0.062 and 0.044 ± 0.018 (μg g(-1)ww), and in liver was 0.127 ± 0.122 and 0.132 ± 0.610 (μg g(-1)ww) respectively. In(More)
The complexity of a competitive business environment and increased customer expectations has revealed the necessity of awareness from organizational strengths and weakness and continuous improvement of productivity. Thus, today’s managers seek a comprehensive, reliable and flexible solution to evaluate their organizations’ performances so that they will(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical results of non surgical knee distraction in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis. METHOD forty female patients with severe knee osteoarthritis were randomly divided in two groups. A standard physiotherapy treatment was applied to both groups and in one group it was accompanied with 20 min knee(More)
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