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In simulating two-phase flows, interface normal vectors and curvatures are needed for modeling surface tension. In the traditional approach, these quantities are calculated from the spatial derivatives of a scalar function (e.g. the volume-of-fluid or the level set function) at any instant in time. The orders of accuracy of normals and curvatures calculated(More)
In this paper we report on a numerical method to include Marangoni forces into a finite-volume solver for multi-phase flows. Our work is motivated by the question of whether thermal fluctuations typically found in combustion applications can impact the atomiza-tion of fuel drops due to variations in surface tension. To verify and validate our proposed(More)
The feasibility of running MPI-parallel, GPU-accelerated, multiphase flow simulations on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service is evaluated as an alternative computational resource. A cloud cluster on Amazon EC2 is compared to a conventional local high-performance computing cluster in terms of performance and cost. The steps necessary to set up a(More)
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