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Substance abuse in pregnancy has increased over the past three decades in the United States, resulting in approximately 225,000 infants yearly with prenatal exposure to illicit substances. Routine screening and the education of women of child bearing age remain the most important ways to reduce addiction in pregnancy. Legal and illegal substances and their(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the results of cold knife conization (CKC) and loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia to determine if excisional method has effects on pathologic interpretation. METHODS Retrospective review of the perioperative medical records of patients who had a CKC and electrosurgical loop excision(More)
Placenta percreta with pelvic organ invasion carries a high mortality for mother and fetus. Appropriate multidisciplinary consultation, strategy, and preoperative planning for Cesarean hysterectomy permitted caregivers to provide a maternal-infant bonding experience, surgical hemostasis, preservation of bladder function, and a healthy, vigorous neonate.
Monochorionic fetuses are traditionally thought of as monozygotic (MZ), arising from a single embryo that splits during early embryogenesis. With rare exception, they typically exhibit the same genotype and the same gender. However, several recent reports have documented that monochorionicity does not always indicate monozygosity (Souter et al., 2003). At(More)
BACKGROUND Primary gynaecologic non-Hodgkin's lymphomas are rare. We present a case of primary large B-cell lymphoma localized to the lower uterine segment and endocervical stroma that was successfully treated with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Treatment was followed by a disease-free interval and successful term vaginal delivery. CASE A 21-year-old(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to test the hypothesis that targeted nanoparticle delivery of DNA encoding HPV16-regulated diphtheria toxin (DT-A) will result in the death of HPV16-infected cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS Plasmid constructs containing a HPV16 Long Control Region (LCR) DNA sequence upstream of DT-A or luciferase reporter (Luc) DNA sequences were(More)
BACKGROUND Mallory-Weiss tears occur rarely during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and the puerperium, despite the increased frequency of retching and vomiting. CASE We describe a Mallory-Weiss syndrome diagnosed during the immediate postpartum period in a 34-year-old primigravida. The syndrome initially manifested as lower gastrointestinal bleeding and(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the results of patients who were referred for posthysterectomy of abnormal cytology based on screening indications. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed a retrospective review of 64 patients who have been referred for posthysterectomy vaginal colposcopy to the gynecologic oncology service. Patients' demographics, clinical features,(More)
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