Mehdi Narimani

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A new three-level (TL) ac-dc single-stage converter that can operate with standard phase-shift PWM is proposed in this letter. In this letter, the operation of the converter is explained and its feasibility is confirmed with experimental results obtained from a prototype converter. Finally, the efficiency of the new converter is compared to a previously(More)
This paper presents a finite control set model predictive strategy and its application to the load voltage control of two-level four-leg inverters. The proposed approach uses the novel discrete-time model of the inverter and output LC filter in order to predict the variables to be controlled. These predictions are carried out for the 16 switching states of(More)
Pulse-width modulated (PWM) full-bridge boost converters are used in applications where the output voltage is considerably higher than the input voltage. Zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) is typically implemented in these converters. A new ZVS–PWM full-bridge converter is proposed in this paper. The proposed converter does not have any of the disadvantages(More)
This paper proposes a new five-level voltage source converter (VSC) for medium-voltage high-power applications. The features and operation of the proposed converter is studied. The Space Vector Modulation (SVM) technique is developed to regulate voltages of flying capacitors. The performance of the proposed converter is evaluated by simulation and(More)
A new auxiliary circuit for an ac-dc single-stage power-factor-corrected (SSPFC) full-bridge-type converter is proposed in this paper. The new auxiliary circuit is simple, handles low power, and is active only when the converter is operating under light load conditions. In this paper, the operation of an SSPFC converter is briefly reviewed and the main(More)