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We investigate a multicommodity network design problem where a discrete set of technologies with step-increasing cost and capacity functions should be installed on the edges. This problem is a fundamental network design problem having many important applications in contemporary telecommunication networks. We describe an exact constraint generation approach(More)
We investigate the minimum-weight connected subgraph problem. The importance of this problem stems from the fact that it constitutes the backbone of many network design problems having applications in several areas including telecommunication, energy, and distribution planning. We show that this problem is NP-hard, an we propose a new polynomial-size(More)
Network design problems arise in a wide range of applied areas including telecommunications, computer networks, and transportation. In this paper, we address the following discrete capacitated multi-terminal network design problem. Given a connected digraph G = (V,A), a set of L potential facilities to be installed on each arc, and a set ofKmulti-terminal(More)
We investigate the two-stage guillotine two-dimensional cutting stock problem. This problem commonly arises in the industry when small rectangular items need to be cut out of large stock sheets. We propose an integer programming formulation that extends the well-known Gilmore and Gomory model by explicitly considering solutions that are obtained by both(More)
In this paper, we consider the nodes migration scheduling problem that aims to migrate nodes from an outdated access network to a new one. In order to avoid services’ interruption, a bridge is installed temporarily between the two networks and, as for the nodes, they are migrated, one at each time period, from the old to the new network. The(More)
We consider a two dimensional guillotine cutting stock problem with variable size of stocks. We have a set of items that have to be cut out of stock sheets with different sizes and costs. We aim to minimize the total cost of used stocks. We propose an arc flow model to handle this problem based on the work of Marcedo et al.[14]. The model was implemented in(More)