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Constructing soccer robots is an attempt in development of AI researches, done by defining a standard problem and solving it by many researchers all over the world. In this field, every year a formal federation holds international competitions, called RoboCup [1]. The Simulation League is one of the branches of the RoboCup. We have designed and implemented(More)
We investigate the problem of finding an unknown cut through querying vertices of a graph G. Our complexity measure is the number of submitted queries. To avoid some worst cases, we make a few assumptions which allow us to obtain an algorithm with the worst case query complexity of O(k) + 2k log n k in which k is the number of vertices adjacent to(More)
A preliminary version of this work has been published in the proceedings of International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming(ICALP) 2005 [4]. Abstract. We consider the problem of evaluating an expression consisting of unions and intersections of some sorted sets in the comparison model. Given the expression and the sizes of the sets, we are(More)
We give experimental evidence for the benefits of order-preserving compression in sorting algorithms. While, in general, any algorithm might benefit from compressed data because of reduced paging requirements, we identified two natural candidates that would further benefit from order-preserving compression, namely string-oriented sorting algorithms and(More)
There are occasional reports of using the appendix to replace sections of the ureters, and to our knowledge, only a couple of them were in the left side. We used the appendix as a ureteral substitute in two cases in technically difficult parts, the upper left ureter and the first part of the right ureter. Follow-ups of 8 years and 6 months in right and left(More)
BACKGROUND Point-of-care testing allows rapid analysis of samples to facilitate prompt clinical decisions. Electrolyte and calcium abnormalities are common in acutely ill patients and can be associated with life-threatening consequences. There is uncertainty whether clinical decisions can be based on the results obtained from blood gas analysers or if(More)
Biswas and Milovic proposed a generalized model for the NLSE that accounts for several imperfections in the fiber during long distance transmission of these pulses. This paper studies the exact solution of the Biswas-Milovic equation with Kerr law nonlinearity by a new efficient method. The results reveal that the method is explicit, effective, and easy to(More)