Mehdi Madani

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Object detection is an important area of research in computer vision. One of the challenges in this domain is to detect objects in real time using the minimum resources possible. In this paper, we describe a robust method for real time object detection that can be used on low-profile hardware and needs little training. This approach is based on a discrete(More)
It is well-known that a market equilibrium with uniform prices often does not exist in non-convex day-ahead electricity auctions. We consider the case of the non-convex, uniformprice Pan-European day-ahead electricity market ”PCR” (Price Coupling of Regions), with non-convexities arising from so-called complex and block orders. Extending previous results,(More)
A new formulation of the optimization problem implementing European market rules for non-convex day-ahead electricity markets is presented, that avoids the use of complementarity constraints to express market equilibrium conditions, and also avoids the introduction of auxiliary binary variables to linearise these constraints. Instead, we rely on strong(More)
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