Mehdi Hussain

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Covert channel is secret communication path, which existence is not expected in original system of design. It allows different users access to the same information, at the same time, but from different points-of-view. It is being more and more studying due to the grooming of internet. Always high-bandwidth network covert channel pose the significant risk of(More)
Steganography is a process of hiding secret information's like image, video, audio, and text message in a carrier's like image, video, and audio. Proposed method uses the secret information as a text message which is embedded in a color image. The existing methods hide the information using constant bit length in integer wavelet coefficients. This(More)
The use of neural network is very wide in data mining due to some characteristic like parallel performance, Self-organizing adaptive, robustness and fault tolerance. Data mining models depend on task they accomplish: Association Rules, Clustering, Prediction, and Classification. Neural network is used to find pattern in data. The grouping of neural network(More)
Video Steganography is a new research area which is playing an important role in information hiding criteria. Nowadays security of confidential information is major issue over the internet. To protect the secret information from cyber criminals like attackers, hackers and data thefts, a secure and standardized methodology is used that is known as(More)
The goal of image steganographic methods considers three main key issues: high embedding capacity, good visual symmetry/quality, and security. In this paper, a hybrid data hiding method combining the right-most digit replacement (RMDR) with an adaptive least significant bit (ALSB) is proposed to provide not only high embedding capacity but also maintain a(More)
Reversible data hiding technique is advancing with each passing day. It is a form of steganography in which the hidden data can be recovered or extracted by the authorized user. In this paper, we have proposed the variable least significant bit based digital image hiding system based on LSB substitution. The proposed scheme has high security, better(More)
With the rapid growth of mobile technology, m-government services, which are an extension of e-government, are increasingly becoming an effective alternative. However, similar to other information and communications technology innovations, m-government faces multiple known and unknown challenges at various levels. Although organizational culture has been(More)