Mehdi Hassan

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Disease diagnosis based on ultrasound imaging is popular because of its non-invasive nature. However, ultrasound imaging system produces low quality images due to the presence of spackle noise and wave interferences. This shortcoming requires a considerable effort from experts to diagnose a disease from the carotid artery ultrasound images. Image(More)
In this paper, a robust method is proposed for segmentation of medical images by exploiting the concept of information gain. Medical images contain inherent noise due to imaging equipment, operating environment and patient movement during image acquisition. A robust medical image segmentation technique is thus inevitable for accurate results in subsequent(More)
In this paper, we present automatic image segmentation and classification technique for carotid artery ultrasound images based on active contour approach. For early detection of the plaque in carotid artery to avoid serious brain strokes, active contour-based techniques have been applied successfully to segment out the carotid artery ultrasound images.(More)
Image segmentation plays vital role in computer vision, pattern recognition, disease diagnosing in medical images and many other fields. Medical image segmentation is one of the most attractive areas of research, because successfulness of the post-processing techniques highly depends on the accuracy of image segmentation. Further, during acquisition medical(More)
— Maximizing network lifetime is one of the main challenges in wireless sensor networks. Efficient power utilization and robust aggregation approach increase network's lifetime. In this paper, we present energy aware routing and data aggregation techniques for wireless sensor networks. Each sensor node aggregates its data using a statistical approach.(More)
BACKGROUND Groundwater drawn from shallow tubewells in Bangladesh is often polluted by nearby pit latrines, which are commonly used toilets in rural and sub-urban areas of the country. METHODS To determine the minimum safe distance of a tubewell from a pit latrine in different hydrogeological conditions of Bangladesh, 20 monitoring wells were installed at(More)
Segmentation and classification of low-quality and noisy ultrasound images is challenging task. In this paper, a new approach is proposed for robust segmentation and classification of carotid artery ultrasound images and consequently, detecting cerebrovascular disease. The proposed technique consists of two phases, in first phase; it refines the class(More)