Mehdi Haddad

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Information is more and more stored over distributed sources. A simple access to information in these sources requires a single access point. Data integration methods are designed to provide this kind of access by allowing to specify a mediator between the users and the sources. From an access control point of view, the question is how to specify access(More)
Defining access control policies in a data integration scenario is a challenging task. In such a scenario typically each source specifies its local access control policy and cannot anticipate data inferences that can arise when data is integrated at the mediator level. Inferences, e.g., using functional dependencies, can allow malicious users to obtain, at(More)
In this thesis we are interested in controlling the access to a data integration system. In a data integration system, a mediator is defined. This mediator aims at providing a unique entry point to several heterogeneous sources. In this kind of architecture security aspects and access control in particular represent a major challenge. Indeed, every source,(More)
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