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Sensor networks usually generate mass of data, which if not structured for future applications, will require much effort on analytical processing and interpretations. Thus, storing sensor data in an effective and structured format is a key issue in the area of sensor networks. In the meantime, even a little improvement on data storing structure may lead to(More)
Due to the high volume of information and electronic documents on the Web, it is almost impossible for a human to study, research and analyze this volume of text. Summarizing the main idea and the major concept of the context enables the humans to read the summary of a large volume of text quickly and decide whether to further dig into details. Most of the(More)
The creation of small and cheap sensors promoted the emergence of large scale sensor networks. Sensor networks allow monitoring a variety of physical phenomena, like weather conditions (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure ...), traffic levels on highways or rooms occupancy in public buildings. Some of the sensors produce large volume of data such as(More)
Big Data means extremely huge large data sets that can be analyzed to find patterns, trends. One technique that can be used for data analysis so that able to help us find abstract patterns in Big Data is Deep Learning. If we apply Deep Learning to Big Data, we can find unknown and useful patterns that were impossible so far. With the help of Deep Learning,(More)
These days intelligent systems have variety of usages in classifying complicated patterns in medics, industry and other fields. Problems as local minimums and etc. In these systems have made them less practical, likewise statistical methods are used to real execution. This article is a real task deals with eye bank and based on it we can determine on the(More)
Synthesis of heat exchanger networks (HENs) is inherently a mixed integer and non linear programming (MINLP) problem. Solving such problems leads to difficulties in optimization of continuous and binary variables. This paper presents a new efficient and robust method in which structural parameters are optimized by G.A. and continuous variables are handled(More)
Isotretinoin has revolutionized the treatment of acne by improving the cosmetic outcome and decreasing the psychological damage. However, use of isotretinoin is associated with significant side-effects such as mucocutaneous involvement, dyslipidaemia and liver dysfunction, as indicated by increases in liver enzymes. The responsible enzyme for homocysteine(More)
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