Mehdi Ghazanfari

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The concept of “electronic government” (e-government) recently introduced as a consequence of IT in the knowledge and information age and has been applied by many governments around the world in practice. Iranian authorities also have decided to take the essential methods required for implementing e-government in Iran. However, the large size of the(More)
Evaluation of business intelligence for enterprise systems before buying and deploying them is of vital importance to create decision support environment for managers in organizations. This study aims to propose a new model to provide a simple approach to assess enterprise systems in business intelligence aspects. This approach also helps the decision-maker(More)
The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is a decision analysis technique used to evaluate complex multi-criteria alternatives. In this paper, the fuzzy rule based system (FARSJUM) is introduced for especially sparse hierarchical problems to make decisions similar to AHP. The system is previously developed by the authors in sparse judgment matrices and in this(More)
Control charts are the most popular Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools used to monitor process changes. When a control chart indicates an out of control signal it means that the process has changed. However control chart signals do not indicate the real time of process changes, which is essential for identifying and removing assignable causes and(More)
Evaluation of the Business Intelligence (BI) competencies of port community systems before they are bought and deployed is a vital importance for establishment of a decision-support environment for managers. This study proposes a new model which provides a simple approach to the assessment of the BI competencies of port community systems in organization.(More)