Mehdi Fazlali

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In this paper, a hard switched and zero-voltage switching full bridge converter for high power applications are compared in terms of their losses. The important issue in designing these kinds of converters is to manage the converter parasitics. Moreover, evaluating the losses at the high frequency transformer with square wave input is another critical point(More)
We demonstrate magnetization auto-oscillations driven by pure spin currents in spin Hall nano-oscillators based on CoFeB/Pt bilayers. Despite the very low anisotropic magnetoresistance of CoFeB, a substantial microwave signal power can be detected, even at room temperature, indicating that a sizable spin wave amplitude is generated. Spin torque(More)
(99m)Tc can be produced from (99)Mo/(99m)Tc gel generators. These gels are part of the generator and the (99)Mo/(99m)Tc gel generator performance is directly related with gel structure. In this work a series of zirconium molybdate gels have been synthesized and dried under different conditions and characterized using thermal analysis (TGA, DTA), SEM, XRD(More)
H1N1 influenza virus causes respiratory syndrome on the upper respiratory system. Hemagglutinin (HA) and Neuraminidase (NA) proteins are the most important viral proteins that play a role in attachment and facilitates of releasing virus respectively. Short interfering RNA (siRNA) plays notable a roles in the RNA interference (RNAi) pathway and interferes(More)
In this work, exchange radioiodination of metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) was carried out at optimum conditions that facilitates the production of [(131) I]MIBG both quickly and efficiently. The radiochemical purity and yield of the labeled product are typically as high as 99% and 90% for diagnostic dose and 95% and 80% for therapeutic dose, respectively.(More)
Nanocontact spin-torque oscillators (NC-STOs) act as intrinsically nanoscale and highly current and magnetic field tunable, ultrawide band microwave signal generators. However, their low output power and high phase noise remain critical obstacles toward actual applications. Mutual synchronization of multiple NCs is one possibility to overcome these(More)
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