Mehdi Fasanghari

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Effective customer satisfaction investigation is a very important precondition for e-commerce. It is the problem which needs to be solved for e-commerce customer satisfaction through use of advanced methods to evaluate the customer satisfaction. This paper establishes a customer satisfaction evaluation method based on combination of linguistic variables,(More)
The advantages of Information Technologies (IT) is changed the service delivery in government. The last changes in service delivery of government to citizens are through mobile technologies. It is necessary to develop the mobile technology usage in government service delivery, but it is not useful unless a development (maturity) model, like e-government(More)
to implement e-government successfully, it is important to have appropriate strategies. According to this, at first, different models of e-government are reviewed and the important parameters and key issues for e-government strategic planning are extracted. Secondly, as foresight is a suitable tool to determine appropriate strategies, different foresight(More)
The key issue for decision making in stock trading is selection of the right stock at the right time. In order to select the superior stocks (alternatives) for investment, a finite number of alternatives have to be ranked considering several and sometimes conflicting criteria that often are vague and have uncertainty conditions. Therefore, we are faced with(More)
Supplier selection is a complicated decision-making problem involving multicriteria, alternative and decision makers (DMs). The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the use of a clustering-based method to solve a group decision making (GDM) problem and, also to achieve more realistic and homogeneous results. Intuitionistic fuzzy value (IFV) is used(More)
The increasing power and reducing cost of information technology (IT) to business has provided organizations with as many challenges and tasks as it has opportunities. Many companies have become totally reliant on IT for success. IT governance recognizes that Information and IT is at the heart of the modern economy and modern organizations. In this paper(More)
For winning in global competition, companies need to recognition and monitoring of customer's behavior to forecast their behavior and desires earlier than competitors. This research tries to recognize the attributes which lead to customer churn. For this, behavior of 3150 subscribers of an Iranian mobile operator, has observed during one year and trends of(More)
Over the last few years, the number of organizations that deliver information technology (IT) services is increased. There are some frameworks such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for IT Service Management that consists of a set of guidelines that specify what an IT organization should do. However, they don’t explain how to do it.(More)