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Effective customer satisfaction investigation is a very important precondition for e-commerce area to win in the market competition. It is the problems need to be solved for e-commerce customer satisfaction and how to use advanced methods to evaluate the customer satisfaction and how to use the evaluation result to improve their services. This paper(More)
—to implement e-government successfully, it is important to have appropriate strategies. According to this, at first, different models of e-government are reviewed and the important parameters and key issues for e-government strategic planning are extracted. Secondly, as foresight is a suitable tool to determine appropriate strategies, different foresight(More)
Supplier selection is a complicated decision-making problem involving multicriteria, alternative and decision makers (DMs). The main purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the use of a clustering-based method to solve a group decision making (GDM) problem and, also to achieve more realistic and homogeneous results. Intuitionistic fuzzy value (IFV) is used(More)
While active learning method (ALM) uses error as the learning parameter, selection of the validation data is still challenging. In this paper, to prevent form encountering with sample size problem, we applied an error-independent version of ALM that we call the active fuzzy modeling (AFM) with a distance threshold to model parameters of hydrocarbon(More)