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  • J R Gray, A B Bridges, +4 authors M Boxer
  • 1994
This study in north east Scotland has shown that Marfan syndrome has a minimal birth incidence of 1:9802 live births, a minimal prevalence of 1:14217, and that 8/30 (26.7%) of cases in our series are new mutations. The calculated mutation rate is 15 +/- 6.7 x 10(-6) and there is evidence of reduced reproductive fitness.
The family histories of 131 patients with histologically defined Hodgkin's disease (HD) were studied and 2,517 first and second degree relatives and spouses were identified and followed-up. The causes of death in deceased relatives were ascertained from death certificates. The numbers of deaths from selected causes were compared with the numbers that would(More)
Everyday the internet proposes corresponding win-win circumstances for all companies and ordinary customers. Electronic customer relationship management E-CRM is employed to learn about customers’ requirements and behaviors to have a great relationship with them, physically or virtually to fulfill their requirements and to prolong lasting(More)
In parallel with enhancements in the technology of integrated circuits, transistors are implemented in silicon. Though the price is reduced; design is more complicated, which create the efficiency and power consumption. The reason why modern GDI-based circuit is the focus of attention is that in designing digital circuit, less power is required while more(More)
At eight weeks of pregnancy a couple were informed that the prospective father's mother had died of Huntington's disease (HD). There were no living affected members in the immediate family to confirm the diagnosis. By inspection of the local genetic register, it was established that it was indeed HD segregating in the extended family. Genotyping of the(More)
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