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Although the stem borer Sesamia nonagrioides (Lefèbvre, 1827) is one of the most destructive agricultural pests in South and Southwest Iran, the structure of these populations is not yet well understood. In this study, we sequenced two mitochondrial genes (CO1 and Cyt-b) of populations collected in cultivated sugarcane and rice in South and Southwest Iran.(More)
A new Anagnorisma species, Anagnorisma chamrani sp. n., is described from Binaloud Mountains of Khorasan-e-Razavi province in north-eastern Iran, and compared with its sister species, Anagnorisma eucratides (Boursin, 1960). The adults, and male and female genitalia of both species are illustrated in 11 figures. The genus Anagnorisma is recorded for the(More)
One-size-fits-all and related hypotheses predict that static allometry slopes for male genitalia will be consistently lower than 1.0 and lower than the slopes for most other body parts (somatic traits). We examined the allometry of genitalic and somatic morphological traits in males and females of two species of noctuid moths, Spodoptera exigua (H€ ubner,(More)
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