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Depth extraction in stereovision applications is very time-consuming and requires hardware acceleration in real-time context. A large number of methods have been proposed to handle this task. Each method answers more or less to real-time constraints, depending on the applicative context and user's needs. Thus, flexibility is a strong requirement for a(More)
Images from embedded sensors need digital processing to recover high-quality images and to extract features of a scene. Depending on the properties of the sensor and on the application, the designer fits together different algorithms to process images. In the context of embedded devices, the hardware supporting those applications is very constrained in(More)
For several years, face recognition has been a hot topic in the image processing field: this technique is applied in several domains such as CCTV, electronic devices delocking and so on. In this context, this work studies the efficiency of a wavelet-based face recognition method in terms of subject position robustness and performance on various systems. The(More)
– Dans le domaine du traitement d'images, la reconnaissance faciale est une technique appliquée dans de nombreuses applications : télésurveillance, accès à des zones restreintes, déverrouillage de systèmes électroniques, etc. Dans ce contexte, cette contribution propose une méthode rapide de reconnaissance faciale basée sur la transformée en ondelettes(More)
A demosaicing algorithm is just a digital image process used to reconstruct full color image from the incomplete color samples output from a picture sensor overlaid with a color filter array (CFA). It is also known as CFA interpolation or color reconstruction. Most contemporary digital camera models acquire images using a single image sensor overlaid with a(More)
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